Revenge Body

About the Book

Every marriage has its secrets…

How to get revenge on your lying ex:
Step One: Catfish him with a fake profile, then stand him up
Step Two: Date someone he hates
Step Three: Have sex with ex and make him fall in love all over again
Step Four: Break ex’s black heart like he shattered yours

There isn’t supposed to be a step five, and definitely not one that results in murder…

How far would I go to get revenge on the man I still love? Would I give him everything he wants in his seductive game of sex and domination? Would I give him my body, my heart, and my trust? Would I plumb the dark secrets of our marriage and ignore the collateral damage it creates?

How far would you go?

Sometimes you love someone too much. Sometimes you love them to death. 

REVENGE BODY- Releases September 25, 2017
SWEET REVENGE- Coming 2018
JUST REVENGE- Coming 2018

Author’s Note: This is a non-traditional dark romance with explicit sexual scenes and psychological manipulation.